Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday....

  1. Only 5 more days until the biggest Election ever, Lord I'm ready for the normal commercials to consume the airwaves again, "Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz..."
  2. Healthy and Happy Halloween kiddos that are excited about good weather predictions for tomorrow!
  3. A daughter that thinks going to 10 houses in a small neighborhood is the BEST THING EVER!!!
  4. A son that brought home a report card with 4 A's and 2 B's....ROCK ON!!
  6. A husband who has the best sense of humor about being 40!
  7. $1.99 gas up the road, did the electric signs about blow a fuse when they lit up the "1"??
  8. Having half of my Christmas shopping done, AMAZING!
  9. Clean laundry and a freshly vacuumed house, compliments of RTH=)
  10. My newly painted coffee bean brown bathroom with touches of Pier 1 all around...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Highlights: Barack's Closing Argument for Change

Barack's Closing Argument for Change

Obama’s Speech In Ohio- 10/27/08 (VIDEO)
October 27, 2008 by Suzie-Q
Here’s the final few minutes of Barack Obama’s closing argument speech in Canton, Ohio. He was outstanding:
Here’s a transcript of this portion of the speech, as prepared for delivery:
"In this election, we cannot afford the same political games and tactics that are being used to pit us against one another and make us afraid of one another. The stakes are too high to divide us by class and region and background; by who we are or what we believe.
Because despite what our opponents may claim, there are no real or fake parts of this country. There is no city or town that is more pro-America than anywhere else – we are one nation, all of us proud, all of us patriots. There are patriots who supported this war in Iraq and patriots who opposed it; patriots who believe in Democratic policies and those who believe in Republican policies. The men and women who serve in our battlefields may be Democrats and Republicans and Independents, but they have fought together and bled together and some died together under the same proud flag. They have not served a Red America or a Blue America – they have served the United States of America.

It won’t be easy, Ohio. It won’t be quick. But you and I know that it is time to come together and change this country. Some of you may be cynical and fed up with politics. A lot of you may be disappointed and even angry with your leaders. You have every right to be. But despite all of this, I ask of you what has been asked of Americans throughout our history.

I ask you to believe – not just in my ability to bring about change, but in yours.
I know this change is possible. Because I have seen it over the last twenty-one months. Because in this campaign, I have had the privilege to witness what is best in America. I’ve seen it in lines of voters that stretched around schools and churches; in the young people who cast their ballot for the first time, and those not so young folks who got involved again after a very long time. I’ve seen it in the workers who would rather cut back their hours than see their friends lose their jobs; in the neighbors who take a stranger in when the floodwaters rise; in the soldiers who re-enlist after losing a limb. I’ve seen it in the faces of the men and women I’ve met at countless rallies and town halls across the country, men and women who speak of their struggles but also of their hopes and dreams. I still remember the email that a woman named Robyn sent me after I met her in Ft. Lauderdale. Sometime after our event, her son nearly went into cardiac arrest, and was diagnosed with a heart condition that could only be treated with a procedure that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Her insurance company refused to pay, and their family just didn’t have that kind of money. In her email, Robyn wrote, “I ask only this of you – on the days where you feel so tired you can’t think of uttering another word to the people, think of us. When those who oppose you have you down, reach deep and fight back harder.”

Ohio, that’s what hope is – that thing inside us that insists, despite all evidence to the contrary, that something better is waiting around the bend; that insists there are better days ahead. If we’re willing to work for it. If we’re willing to shed our fears and our doubts. If we’re willing to reach deep down inside ourselves when we’re tired and come back fighting harder. Hope! That’s what kept some of our parents and grandparents going when times were tough. What led them to say, “Maybe I can’t go to college, but if I save a little bit each week my child can; maybe I can’t have my own business but if I work really hard my child can open one of her own.” It’s what led immigrants from distant lands to come to these shores against great odds and carve a new life for their families in America; what led those who couldn’t vote to march and organize and stand for freedom; that led them to cry out, “It may look dark tonight, but if I hold on to hope, tomorrow will be brighter.”

That’s what this election is about. That is the choice we face right now. Don’t believe for a second this election is over. Don’t think for a minute that power concedes. We have to work like our future depends on it in this last week, because it does. In one week, we can choose an economy that rewards work and creates new jobs and fuels prosperity from the bottom-up.
In one week, we can choose to invest in health care for our families, and education for our kids, and renewable energy for our future. In one week, we can choose hope over fear, unity over division, the promise of change over the power of the status quo. In one week, we can come together as one nation, and one people, and once more choose our better history. That’s what’s at stake. That’s what we’re fighting for. And if in this last week, you will knock on some doors for me, and make some calls for me, and talk to your neighbors, and convince your friends; if you will stand with me, and fight with me, and give me your vote, then I promise you this – we will not just win Ohio, we will not just win this election, but together, we will change this country and we will change the world. Thank you, God bless you, and may God bless America."

Dave Matthews for Obama

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday RTH!!!

As you can tell, Robbie "old fart" Hill turned 40 today. Decorations compliments of his cohorts in crime. Nicely done guys, nicely done!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

You can vote however you like - Students of the Ron Clark Academy

Check out what these kids did for a project at Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA!! Talk about the empowerment kids feel with they have the ability to choose any medium. Reach them where they are, link what they know, and this is what you can get! I love this! You know these kids will never forget this experience, nor assignment. This is what it means to have students actively and authentically engaged.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's that time of the year again...

It's that glorious rivalry that keeps the fires burning in the off-season. Here's the t-shirt design for the 2008 Clemson Fund in honor of this year's Clemson-Carolina game!!! Go TIGERS!

This Halloween....

Monday, October 6, 2008

OPEN HOUSE...remember those???

It was the dreaded (I mean, much anticipated) night of Open House for our school tonight. I always hate these, even though it is my 9th one. You think I'd be all excited anytime I get to rave to parents about my class, my procedures, school policies, discipline plan, HW issues, conference time, lunch box forgetfulness, etc....however, it is not on my bucket list. Catch my drift.

But at the end of the night, I do have a better picture of where my kids come from. And you teachers out there all know that the parents you NEED to see are NEVER the ones that show. You NEED the Johnny-mama's to be there, not the parents of the five perfect students that could run the class without your presence.

It is annually reminded to me that not every kid grows up the way I did. I always thought parents were married, had a job, had supper every night and breakfast in the morning, carpooled, and had every material for any projects (from glue to glitter). I knew my parents worked hard for the money we had; we weren't rich, but not poor. Heck, maybe we were poor...but I never knew my brother and I going without. My parents made a point to be at every Open House, every dance recital, every Nutcracker performance and school talent show, every parent-teacher conference, all the time.

Today's students come with so much baggage. Some of the challenges that these poor kids have going on in their lives completely trumps having to complete nightly math problems. And why shouldn't it? It's pretty hard to do your math when the power was turned off and its turned cold in the house. Spelling words have very little to do with the fact that you haven't eaten since lunchtime at school, compliments of the school district. It saddens me that so many of our students come to school to feel the safest, the warmest, and the most loved. Bless these children, for many of them are just in survival mode each and everyday. I never knew that somewhere in my own childhood I had students like this sitting to the left and the right of me. Was I nice to them? Did I try to understand them at all? I hate not being able to remember if I extending them any compassion, or if I simply didn't notice.

With that said, it is my sincerest hope that as a teacher and advocate for today's youth I do take notice. Not only take notice, but take action. Yes, students come with baggage beyond my control, but I can make for certain that those suitcases get left at the door upon entry. Love all, teach all...even good ole' "Johnny".

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Beautiful Sunday Under a South Carolina Sky....

It is one of those drive-with-the-windows-down, t-shirt with blue jeans, still warm enough for flip-flops, kind of a autumn day. It is a day that the Lord has made, and God is Good. Who in the world would look around my small town on a day like today and not realize that God is the ONLY one that made all of this beauty possible. Selfishly thinking, I still wish we had our motorcycle. Since a carseat hasn't been engineered to legally adhere to one, we had to forego our 2-wheeled adventure over 4 years ago. What I wouldn't give to be back of one on a day like if only the Panthers can pull it off today, we'd be great! Happy Sunday everyone!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good Gracious.....

Do we really now feel sorry for Sarah Palin?? Geez, America. Are you serious? I love this article sent to me this week. Merci, Frenchie. Click HERE to read, otherwise, scroll down for nothing new. Bon Weekend!

By the way, the SNL skit was HILL-arious!!! Verbatim....gotta love it. Tina Fey, ya nailed it girl. Don't get me wrong, their version of Barrack is pretty good too!! Come on people, have some political humor without feeling threatened by the other party.

And just FYI, I AM watching the VP debate, so don't fuss at other people if you yourself aren't investing pieces of time to listen to the candidates.