Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday....

  1. It's Friday Eve!
  2. New Blog Design....
  3. A cold snap to remind me that God is in control of EVERYTHING including really cold weather that I am NOT partial to, however, I can't do ANYTHING about it so....
  4. re-runs of The King of Queens on 3 different channels!
  5. my mawmaw's afghans that keep me warm each night
  6. a photo CD of my family being delivered tomorrow, YEAH!
  7. the final day of an unfortunate burden in my teaching career
  8. people that pass by you in the hallway and really mean their hellos and how are you's....they even really listen to your reply
  9. a chocolate eclair between friends at The White Horse
  10. an amazing husband and kids, love you MUCHO!

I did it.....

Well, I up and undid all of the hard work that Jill did 97 posts ago, but I changed my blog background all by myself....but now I feel bad that she might be mad at me. Jill, please don't be.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday...

  • only 35 minutes until quitting time...although the papers I am taking home beg to differ!
  • my family pictures are amazing that a friend of mine took this weekend, just click here to go see my hoodlums and I in the leaves!!!! Some of our pics are on the beginning slides before you enter the site, otherwise click on gallery, and then "kids" or "family portraits". The downfall will be it's too hard to make a choice!
  • now only 29 minutes of working time!
  • my stack of papers is down to under an inch. I was out 3 days last week due to presenting at Ed Tech in Myrtle Beach, which leads me to #5.
  • Our presentation was a huge success on "Weaving Webkinz into the Elementary Classroom". We had the dreaded time of 8:30am on the last day of the conference. We had made 50 handouts and 10 people went without =)
  • My friend is bringing me McD's sweet tea and a gravy biscuit tomorrow for Late-Start Day...mmmm!!!
  • The bandaids on the back of my heels stayed there all day long avoiding blisters!!
  • My 5th grade boys want to learn more about Veteran's Day (on their own) and even suggested finding a way to write to an overseas soldier!!
  • Speaking of....I am VERY thankful for all of the past, present, and future veterans that have made ans will continue to make this land our ours the best very in the world. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
  • and now, I sign off with a mere 19 minutes left of this great little piece of time called Tuesday!

The Wife Song....


Monday, November 10, 2008

Pay It Forward....

Well, according to my blogfriend Jill, my blog is likeable, =). It's amazing how I feel like I have known her as long as any other girlfriend around. She is always so kind hearted to her family (atleast on paper that is...) and she makes the BEST BOWS!!!! Also, she has the creativity to redesign any boring blog with her magic touch!!! Her small business can be found at Jilly's Blog Design.

So here's where I pay my compliment forward. Here are 3 people that I must read their posts all the time. I fyou have a minute, click on their names to head their way...

Michelle- Her 2 blogs have changed lives. Read all about her hope and faith in her miracle from above.

Resa- I LOVE HER HOUSE UPDATES. It's began over 18 months ago, but it will be finished just in time for her new bundle of joy!!

Jen- She keeps my liver exercised and in great shape....did you know that it is only when you laugh that your liver gets moved and exercised (random, I know!) Her faith in God is what keeps her grounded even when she is yanked from here to there.