Saturday, June 28, 2008

Can I Take Your Order??

We have been going to the same fish camp EVERY Friday night at 6pm for 10 years!!! Plus the 25 years that my husband and his family went before I met them. Talk about ritualistic!! Fish on Friday and we're not even Catholic, lol! Both Blake and Xan have been raised there, so for Xan to grab an order book and take off is commonplace and cute as a button. She showed us a dollar tip she made from taking an older couple a few, later on, we found out she had just brought them to the couple bare-handed. Sir and mam, I apologize for any viral/ bacterial outbreak that you may possibly get from my daughter attempting to be waitstaff.

Life by the Pool

The Three Amigos...
Mary Jordan and Savannah I am so excited to be busy this summer with jobs that are fun!! I mean, soaking up some sun by a lakefront pool is simply torture....LOL!! I am watching a former student and her older brother a few days a week and Xan comes with. They are her new best buddies that she goes swimming with. Again, pure torture in the form of a free tan and fun kids!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday...

WOW....I can't believe it almost slipped my brain to post for this week!!

1. An unspoken prayer request was answered with a HUGE praise, yeah!!!

2. VBS is this week....I love it (see previous post)

3. My daughter had the FUNNEST time bowling today. It was a trip watching her hurl the ball at minus 2 m.p.h down the lane. It was her first time and it made me laugh all ten frames worth!

4. My new china cabinet (already at our new house) is so pretty and was a steal off of Craig's List. And if you have NEVER used this resource check it out my clicking HERE, then drive the site to your homestate, city, nearest city, etc....

5. My crew and I are heading to Carowinds for another fun filled roller coaster Wednesday.

6. Our principal is waiting to hear if my teammate and I get extra funds for piloting the single-gender classes in 5th grade next year.

7. Summer is in full swing and I love this weather!!! I love feeling the sunshine on my back when I walk.

8. A son that will travel to All-Stars tomorrow for his first of possibly 5 to 6 games. I am thankful that he loves to play sports and is a true athlete. He is a great team member, and I am so proud of what he does off and on the field. Way to go son!! If they win this series they travel to Easley, SC....then onto St. Petersburg, FL!!

9. A fridge that was broken yesterday (and for MONTHS) was fixed in under 5 minutes by a nice man that works with my mother-in-law. We thought we were going to have to put a new fridge in this house before closing next week. Yeah for nice men and small parts. That sounds wrong doesn't it????

10. VBS...I just LOVE IT!!!! Keep praying that even one child will come to be a Christian this week.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Fish, not Jonah and the Whale

Yesterday at church, our Sunday School lesson was about God being Real and El Shaddai. After the lesson we teamed up in smaller groups to replay a time this week (or month) when God was made real for us at that moment. Well, I shared about this whole house deal and that all doors were closed in order for us to get our in-laws' house. Another group member (we'll call her "Lucy") started off by saying this story may seem silly but God was in it....oh, gracious. It goes like this....

Her 10 year olf daughter had a fishbowl, the no-pump attached, gotta-clean-it-yourself, kind of tank. It HAD 2 fish in it before she cleaned it. {background....before end of year testing she inadvertently killed the first set of fish b/c she forgot to add chlorine drops to the water. Thus they floated belly-up and were at Wal-mart the night before state tests} Anyway, "Lucy's daughter" had her chore of cleaning the fish bowl, including the chlorine drops, and then meeting her mom for outdoor chores around the house. Lucy and her daughter had been outside for about 30 minutes when Lucy needed something from inside the house. She walked in to find the fishbowl sitting on the kitchen counter with only ONE fish swimming, swimming, just keep swimming. WHERE IS THE OTHER FISH???? She looks to see a thin, lifeless, skinny sliver of silver lying on the floor, uh-oh!! Lucy thinks, Dear Lord, she's done it again...what are we going to do? So she calls her daughter in and they immediately begin to pray, yes pray over the fish. No this isn't the miracle story of how Jesus fed the 5,000.

Lucy and her daughter put the very limp fish back into the bowl and held hands to pray for revival. They prayed and prayed and all of a sudden that little fish started darting around the bowl like a mad man. Immediately, the daughter shouts, "God did it!!! He brought him back to life!!! God is real and he answers prayers!! I can't wait to tell the kids at Sunday School tomorrow!"

So.....this story trumped us all for our Sunday School discussion in-the-round. I just hope they re-named the poor little fish Lazzarus!!!

VBS at FBC...

I live for this week of the year!! Vacation Bible School has always been one of my favorite things to do ever since I was old enough to go. The smell of glue (paste back then) and popsicle sticks was everywhere, and I always wanted to be the first to memorize the bible verse for the worse-than-a-gumball machine prize....but I loved it!!! I feel the same as an adult, but for another reason. We are providing a mission field for the community of this town, and so many times it is the unchurched kids that come and take their joy home to their unchurched parent(s). I work from above (sound/lights/media/computer room) and I feel a little like God must feel when he looks down and sees His children raising their hands in joy for Him. It is such a blessing to be "behind the scenes" and watch from above (the second floor) when noone else thinks they are being watched (that sounded kinda stalkerish??), but truthfully, I love watching the kids (and adults) be completely off key and have two LEFT's precious!! I hope to post a Salvation number at the end of the week letting you know every ounce of preparation is all worth it!! And if you've been to Outrigger Island, or are planning to go this summer......"ALOHA, and A-Wiki, B-Wiki, C-Wiki!!"

Saturday, June 21, 2008


My friend Jen Wade said that I must commit an entire post solely devoted to "our move" goes Jen. We weren't even looking to begin the idea of moving until this time next year. Xan would have been out of daycare (on a paycheck that translates to getting my freakin' doctorate in savings!) and Rob's truck would be paid off. So when my mother-in-law called to say someone was coming over to look at the house that Memorial Day evening we all were like "HUH?" At anyrate, God already knew the plan that would unfold within a week's time (last month) We had a chance to purchase my in-laws house and took it!! We will officially be going from 1500 sq. feet to over 3,000 on July 10th & a POOL!!!! Where do you even begin to clean something that is double from what you are coming from???? Hmmmm.....

We aim to make it ours (with lots of color changes in several rooms, sorry honey) and keep it for a few years, then sell it again to make a profit (fingers crossed that the economy changes), then purchase a smaller home with a very easy house payment once Blake leaves the nest (5 years and counting....) So, if anyone wants to be handy with a paintbrush in the next few weeks, call me!! LOL!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What are you teaching that girl??

Xan started karate (Little Dragons) this week. My dad is a 7th degree black belt, however, nothing could have prepared him to be so proud of his granddaughter's first karate class last night. It was a HOOT!!! Let's just say her jumping jacks were definitely reminiscent of Hannah Montana, and her push-ups looked X-rated...I had to giggle. But she did so well for her very first night of uniformed exercise. I was so proud of her little ADHD self, go Xan!! Punch, Punch Kia!!
Xan is anxiously awaiting her 8th birthday for her pink 22 we found this weekend. In this family, one's 8th birthday requires the purchase of a Duck Hunter's Special. I can already see this little greenwing in the blind with her daddy now. She was too cute telling her dad, "But I'm 4 now...that's really old." I think she thought we were taking it out of the store like her brother's new Beretta 12-gauge.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bubba's Coming Home!!

Okay, so I have this friend named Derek who is on his way home from his international adventure to Europe since we got out of school on the 6th. If you have a minute and want a barrel of laughs (at his expense of course....) take the time to click on his blog, Southern Boy Goes to Europe for a hilarious adventure to call your own. He teaches with me and had this bright idea to "find himself" in Europe while staying in hostiles (Have you seen that movie Derek?) and bike-locking himself to his hiker's backpack while lying on the beaches, Lord Help Him!! Anyway, my Ten Things Tuesdays are dedicated to him and his homecoming self. Remember to go to his blog to read WHY he HAS to come home.

1. I am thankful he didn't take the job in Fort Mill!!

2. Looping up to 5th with me, YEAH!!!!

3. That silly laugh that gets me in stitches everyday!

4. That saw-mill gravy he makes for faculty breakfasts.

5. The gazillion stories of working the most RANDOM jobs any person could ever have in their short 24 year-old lifespan. I mean really, the Lizardman for the SC Lottery commercials in college....way to go!

6. The way kids adore him and how he steps WAY out of the box to teach the once thought unteachables!!! YOU ROCK!

7. Making Xan laugh when she had to stay afterschool some days. She loves Mr. Emmory.

8. Being a friend to Erin Gruwell (Freedom Writers) so you can hook me up with a conversation oneday?!?

9. That our Clemson-Carolina Rivalry reaches new heights in the South!

10. And finallly......thankful that your Barcelona self will be back in the states anyday now!!

See you soon "Del"!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Neela Bags...SAVE OUR EARTH!!

I'm not a tree hugger or anything, but after watching a Powerpoint that was sent to me this morning I feel like I have to act. Now, I wish I could link the powerpoint to this post, but alas....I have no idea how to do that. Anyway, it makes for an amazing argument for the discontinued use of plastic grocery bags at all times by any individual that makes the effort to do so. Summertimes are always my "season" for asking for paper bags for back to school book covers for my kids. (you'd freak to know that kids these days have NO idea how to fold a bag to make te perfect cover....I guess that comes from today's available stretchy covers that you can buy for 3.99 EACH!!!) But I think I am going to pinch and save for a couple of these bags (5.00 each standard size) so can tote my own up to Harris Teeter. Thank you to Fast Lane for sending me the link to watch and shop. Love ya girl!!

So....go to Neela Bags and check it out, literally...check out using these bags!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday...

I love Tuesdays, really I do. I have grown accustomed to even thinking ahead on Monday nights about what I am thankful for....

  1. Disney Channel, thank you so much Walt!!! Xan can be mesmerized for more than a few minutes when Zack & Cody, Hannah Montana, or Wizards of Waverly Place is on....that means a few minutes of peace from all of her questions of randomness, whew!

  2. A snappy hairdresser that is going to cut this soon-to-be mullet on Thursday, PTL!

  3. Camp Invention is my life this week and I love it!! It is a really cool science camp geered towards all of the future "Bill Gates" of the world (ages 5-12 only). I love the thought of this camp because (keep reading, I mean no disrespect at all) all of the kids that would typically be picked on at summer camp SHINE with creativity and their quirkiness is rewarded and praised, not scoffed at. Maybe you have Camp Invention in your area.

  4. Freshly polished toenails....they're so shiny!!

  5. Money to pay the's triple digit heat with 100% humidity in the south. We are so blessed to have a home that is cool to walk into each afternoon.

  6. Ultra-pasteurized chocolate milk. The date on the carton is in JULY, hooray!!

  7. A daughter that LOVES the water. We've been 3 times to the pool this week and everytime we go she is a little more eager to jump in. She loves it and I love to see her "swim" in the pool. I remember having a pool when I was her age and how my parents probably laughed at us all the time too.

  8. My new Charleston Magazine came in the mail yesterday and I read it tonight cover to cover. Even though I don't live there anymore I enjoy looking and reading about all of the familiar sites and people I was once around. It's a great publication, no matter how far away you may be.

  9. Did you know that fingernail polish remover with take off any permanent marker writings on laminated surfaces? I shared this trick with another teacher friend of mine today who flipped her lid to learn such a new tidbit of knowledge.

  10. My kids!! Thank you Lord for giving me such a healthy son and daughter who make me smile each day (AND grin and bear it on occasion, lol!)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Motley Crue....

I Love this picture!! This was after the last night's ballgame.

Ten Things Tuesday...

1. 16 more schools hours til summer!!

2. My school secretary did all of my record keeping for my permanent file, I didn't touch a thing this year!!

3. My son won the district little league championship last night and go to Columbia, SC to play tomorrow night!!

4. Homemade Icecream Day is tomorrow....mmm!!! Can you beleive that half of these kids have never made it before. I remember when we used to beg our grandparents for a turn at the crank, now we have the electric kind!!!

5. My wife-in-law is supposed to be going to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam this week. I hope to have a great powerpoint for teaching WWII next year, how cool is that!! Anne Frank is my hero.

6. My best friend Mandi brought in Rubik's Race today for her 3rd graders' Game Day. Do you know what a smile that put on my face!! We're talking 1982 Vintage people!!! It was so much fun!! The box was yellowed and smelled just like attic space, talk about nostalgia!!!

7. Baby Showers....I have one this weekend for a friend that is going to be an awesome mom. Try her husband's blog sometimes by clicking here. It's just a fun time to think back and talk all about the sleepless nights that you personally went through and the fact that first times mothers seem almost excited about the prospect. What naive rookies....God Bless Her!

8. Personalized it!!! Got some new stuff from a student for being her "favorite teacher".....but that doesn't mean her thank-you card will be written on it though=0

9. A husband that loves to be a great dad to Xan and Blake. (....see the pic!)

10. Our house sold!!! Now we are about to embark on THE SEARCH...we'll see what happens!!!