Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Bushel of Nerves....

Here in the south we typically sell our southern fruit by the bushels, however, tonight I am filled with a bushel of nerves!! We are having a HUGE send off from the local Chic-Fila in the morning. The news crews and papers are going to be there to capture the team's official leaving of Fort Mill for St. Petersburg, FA!! All of the rushed planning and preparation comes down to this trip. It's do or die. This is what the rest of the 3 million "Little League-rs" wish for when March rolls around each year. Blake is one of 88 Southeast ball players from the lower 8 states in the US playing for the next round. That's incredible. I am so proud of him!! for my Hill-billie groupies, tune the TV to ESPN next Friday the 8th at 8pm and see if you see an incredibly sharp looking batch of southern boys from South Carolina making their mommas proud!!! Mine is #12!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday...

And on time nonetheless!!

1. My family: we are healthy (except for patches of mental illness, LOL!) and love one another.

2. It is supposed to rain today, which may pull us off the roller coasters at Carowinds. I really won't mind that since the high is 99 and MUGGY!

3. My best friend is Xan's VBS teacher this week and is even bringing her home afterwards. Xan is super-pumped to be going back to "Outrigger Island" b/c she still knows (AND OFTEN SINGS!) all the songs.....A-awiki, B-awiki, C-awiki....

4. Laundry is done and all I need to do is pack for St. Petersburg. The team pulls out of town on Thursday. We are all gathering at the local Chic-fila where the restaurant has so nicely offered to feed them breakfast and give them each a voucher for a #1 combo for roadside lunch. How awesome is that!!!

5. I love my community!!! The boys were able to raise about 8,000 for the trip in a little over 2 weeks. They (and the parents) worked really hard for corporate sponsors and other donors. Let's face it, very few people have an extra couple grand hidden under the couch cushions to make a unforseen trip to Florida at the end of the summer!!

6. We had a very good turn out for our Saturday yardsale, let's just say our gas is paid up for our trip down and home.

7. I can't wait for supper tonight. I know that sound funny, but my husband made a beer in the butt chicken on the grill late last night and it smelled to high heaven as it rested on the counter to cool. AND NO, you don't drink the beer. You pop the can and fill it with rosemary and herbs, shove it in the back of the chicken to stand upright on a pan. Cook on the grill using indirect heat for exactly 2 hours. Carefully pull the "herby" beercan out of the HOT chicken and let rest on plate until cooled. Don't slice yet....too many juices will run out, mmmm!! I plan on plucking, I mean picking off the meat this evening to go on top of a yummy spinach salad before Xan has karate!!! Try it!!

8. Family and friends (many who are bloggers that I don't even know) are praying for the upcoming trip to the Little League World Series in Florida. Please pray specifically for the travel there and back and for no injuries while we stay and play.

9. Gas prices are down to 3.53 a gallon in Rock Thrill, yahoo!!! (I can't even begin to think how incredulous a sentence that is.....I'm actually glad its below 4 bucks...INSANE!!!)

10. My supper club...we had a great dinner together last Friday night. We are always abl to pick up right where we left off, thanks guys!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Dedicated to the 13 things (plus more...) I like about my children.
  • blue eyes like the Caribbean Ocean
  • giggles at a moment's notice
  • can crack his own crab legs and oysters so I don't have to
  • slept the whole night from 7 weeks on...
  • will ask me to read to them at night
  • loves to be outside ALL DAY LONG!
  • Xan's sticker fetish
  • Blake's sense of humor
  • ability to use their manners 24-7!!
  • never having to count to 3
  • will share their icecream with me
  • will smile for a camera
  • love Jesus!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


BIG LOTS BIG GIVE.....$10,000 to Dutchman Creek!!

The above link is for Big Lots' Give Back Program that runs through the end of the summer. There are many schools nationwide attempting to win a $10,000 prize, but only ONE Rock Hill School District Three school (Dutchman Creek) is in the running. When my 5th graders leave India Hook they all attend DC the following year. Like the video states, just because a district opts to build a new school, it doesn't mean you have the things you need to go into it (albeit programs or materials). So please, take a moment to watch the quick video and vote. You can vote all 3 times you are allotted a day at the same time of viewing. It would be great for you to add this to your favorites so you can do this daily. It only takes less than a minute. So remember...just click HERE to watch and cast your DAILY 3 votes!! Please and Thank You!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who's on first?

In honor of a time-honored tradition!! Way to go Fort Mill!!

St. Petersburg or Bust!!!

We did it!!! We are heading to St. Petersburg, FL for the Southeastern Regional World Series. Last night my son's Fort Mill team battled to win the South Carolina State Championship which puts him on the SC Team. In Florida his team will face the state teams from Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, VIrginia, Florida, West Virginia, and Tennessee. We've been reportedly told these games will be on ESPN 360 for each region in the country and the last game will be featured on ESPN, da-nuh-nuh...da-nuh-nuh!! Winner of the Florida Series will go on to Williamsport, PA in mid-August for THE LITTLE LEAGUE WORLD SERIES 2008 on ESPN Worldwide. Please pray for safe practices for the next 2 weeks and the team's safe travel and dorm lodging in Florida. Way to go Fort Mill & Blake Hill!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Baseball Update.... it's the wrong year on the logo, but we aim for putting the "2008" trophy in our team's hands. Blake's team is one game away (tonight at 6:30) from heading to St. Petersburg, Florida for the Southeast Regional World Series tournament. Supposedly those games would be televised on ESPN 360 for your own particular region. In other words, people in California would only be able to see their Little League Region's games and so forth. We will know tonight if we are heading down to FLA for some F-U-N!!! Blake's team is 3-0 right now!!! They came from 4 down, 5 down, and 4 down (respectively) to come back and win against Greenwood, Greenville, and Anderson. Tonight we play Greenwood again for all the chips!! Please send your prayers to all the mothers who have NO fingernails left to chew. I will update when we get home tonight, fingers crossed XX!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wow, Wow Wednesday...

Now my good friend Jen always does a Wow, Wow Wednesday with some sort of enlightening information or a plethora of good finds here and there......however, my Wow-Wow Wednesday is a video that made me laugh until I cried!! I was sent this today via e-mail and I can only say that I am glad this wasn't my own child, although the video itself has Xan's name written all over it!!! Enjoy and have a'll need it!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday...

1. My mom came to pick up Xan for karate this evening and it allowed Robbie Hill and I to enjoy a peaceful meal at the table!!!
2. A new grill to cook those oh-so-yummy ribs on for our peaceful dinner.
3. RAIN!!! We opened up the french door to our huge new deck that we have our new grill on to listen to God's sweet music as it POURED down during our peaceful dinner.
4. A sweet husband that looked at me like he didn't know what to talk about during our quietly peaceful dinner.
5. A new quiet dishwasher to load with our dinner dishes after our peaceful dinner.

Okay, Okay....I see the pattern.....

6. HOBBY LOBBY!!! I found a gorgeous chocolate brown nightstand today to go with our new king-size bed. It was already marked 50% off at 65.00, but when she rang it up it was 90% off of that.....I got it for 6 dollars and change, sweet serendipity!!
7. My wireless router was flawlessly re-connected (via me) this afternoon after being without my laptop for 2 weeks. I missed you friend!!
8. Sweet, sweet friends that will keep the little human being that keeps you from peaceful dinners (#'s 1-5 above) while you move into a new house!!
9. My son's team will be playing for the state all-stars championship this weekend...winner goes onto St. Petersburg for the first series of the Little League World Series. ESPN, here we come!! da-na-na, da-na-na (That the Sports Center theme song intro people!)
10. Tons of family and friends that will all be there this weekend for hopefully a great Fort Mill All-Stars Victory!!!! Go Blue & Black!!!!!

We finally moved in!!

Well....we're in!! So much for a relaxing week of the 4th. We ended up moving our in-laws out of their house (now ours) and into their new house 15 miles away. After loading and unloading their things, we moved out of our old house and into our new one. Now mind you, this was all in one day!!! After painting my new kitchen and new bedroom, it is beginning to be more "me" instead of "them", so that makes me very happy =) Blake is thrilled with his mini-apartment above the garage, and Xan has shown everyone that enters her new "big-girl" full size bed in her new room. I hope to have pics coming soon, but right now I am just trying to get the soreness out of every bone and muscle in my body.